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Member Spotlight – Matthew Storm

On a recent teleconference call with Professor Bilge Yilmaz, Matthew Storm, a South Florida Wharton alumnus, and myself were chatting about the Penn Museum waiting for the Professor to dial in. It was mostly Matthew chatting about recent Storm.jpg  collections and he assumed the Professor was not in on the call. In fact, the Professor had been quietly entertained and fascinated with the discussion and told us so afterwards. This moment in time encapsulates so well who we are as alumni from our school. We are very diverse, intensely passionate individuals and we dig deep into any activity that fascinates us.

Mr. Matthew J. Storm, Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer at CV Advisors LLC, who is known for his specialized knowledge in working with international families and their wealth management needs, also moonlights as connoisseur and promoter of our amazing Penn Museum. Matthew started his career as a Commodities Trader and subsequently worked for the Monitor Group, an international strategy consulting firm before serving as Managing Director of Investment and Research for a large fund of hedge funds prior to co-founding CV Advisors. Matthew, along with 30 of our club members, came to Professor Bilge Yilmaz’s dinner discussion at the Bourbon Steakhouse in Turnberry last month.

Perhaps unbeknownst to most of us, the Penn Museum is 2nd only to the British Museum in global significance due to its collections. Founded in 1887, it is the largest museum of any university in the United States with over one million objects of value, mostly excavated by its very own archaeologists and researchers! Matthew and I were sharing these stories one day and it seemed to me that Penn Museum has a slew of Indiana Jones’ types that are truly dedicated every step of the way. It’s no surprise then, that over 200 objects from Penn Museum are featured today in the Smithsonian’s signature 2014 publication – History of the World in 1,000 Objects. Matthew shares with us that the Museum just opened its most recent special exhibition on “Magic in the Ancient World” featuring 81 exceedingly rare objects from the Museum’s collection, including protective amulets, curse tablets, magical stones and other fascinating finds sure to “enchant”! The exhibit will run through September of 2017.

Matthew Storm
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Contributor: Sonia Rodriguez